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Valduc Rio

Special Belgian Amber of 8% vol

Artisanal special amber ale without additives. The rock sugar gives a roundness to the body. The hops evoke a tropical fruitiness. Brewed with goodness and knowhow, taste the experience at 8 °C in every season.

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La Petite Sœur du Valduc

a Wheat beer of 5,6 % vol

A natural turbid beer, refreshing but atypical for a Belgian wheat beer. Atypical because the aroma and flavour all come from the yeast and hops and no coriandre or curaçao are used (dried orange peel) like in most Belgian wheat beers. The beer has a soft wheat taste and pleasant aftertaste. A thirstquenching beer so ideal when the sun shines.

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La Fée Steve

A Blonde Ale of 6,3% vol

A festive blonde ale, in any season, made from a skilful blend of selected grains and a magical touch of passion.

The alchemy between sweetness, bitterness and fine bubbles on the tongue will charm your palate of both men and women. A subtle candy in mouth signed by our mystical fairy, Steve.

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La Fée Verte

A ISA of 4,7% vol

Isa, for “India Session Ale” is light and bewttching, This green fairy masters the use of hops with skills.

The fresh bittemess and the light bubbles leave a dry and floral taste on the first palate followed by fruity notes of citrus passions. The haziness of this wonderfull beer, reminds that the it has been re-fermented in bottle. In other words “La Fée Verte” is a light refreshment with an intensely hoppy taste.

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Valduc Thor

A special Belgian Brown of 9,5% vol

Its base of peated and chocolate malts, gives it a gloomy brown look and a smoky nose. Wood and chocolate aromas reveal a slight bitterness followed by subtle notes of caramelized bourbons. A reviving beer you need to experience to understand.

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